Special Cables and Thermocouples Production

Welcome to SENSITHERM S.r.l., your reliable resource as a manufacturer of special custom cables. We are engaged in the manufacture of instrumentation, signaling, power and thermocouple cables, all approved according to CPR regulations. SENSITHERM offers a wide range of special power cables for various applications, suitable for use in intrinsically safe and explosion hazardous areas according to ATEX EN 60079-14. For more information, visit the page Special Cables and Temperature Control Sensors

Special cables are mainly required in the power plants, chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries, and wherever there are ATEX areas with chemical and corrosive agents to ensure suitable solutions for all kinds of needs.

SENSITHERM S.r.l. specializes in the production and customization of thermocouples and thermowells. Our industrial temperature control sensors are manufactured to the highest national and international standards, ensuring resistance to various environmental conditions.

The deep knowledge and experience of SENSITHERM S.r.l is reflected in the detailed technical specifications of our special cables. In this section, we provide detailed technical information about our special cables. This information enables our customers to fully understand the distinctive features of our products, their strength, reliability and compatibility with different application requirements.

Custom Special Cable Solutions

We offer tailor-made special cables solutions to suit every need.

We are at your complete disposal in helping you choose the ideal product for you, with the possibility of customizing special cables for your Company according to the features you need. Find out everything on the following page: Special Cables

In our company, commitment to quality is our top priority. We are here to meet all your needs on special cables.

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